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About Us

Board of Directors

Shauntavia Pollydore President
Christopher Pollydore Vice President
Antonio Bryant Director of Organization
Shirley Callahan Director
Shelly Wint Director of Events
LaKenya Harden Director of Events
Selena Wright Treasurer
Caprina Thompkins Secretary
Paula Wright CEO/Founder

Here’s Help Workforce and Community Development Corporation is 501(c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit job agency, food pantry, and Provider for Department of Education, Vocational Rehabilitation that serves Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  Our mission is to educate the public and provide job training for women of domestic violence, human trafficking, senior citizens, runaway, homeless youth, and individuals with disabilities.  We hope to find and maintain employment giving individuals a second chance to improve, enhance and maintain their employment skills to make a difference for themselves as well as their family.  We aim to further educate individuals to have success in the employment field of their choice to provide for their family through financial means.  Here’s Help Workforce and Community Development Corporation regards itself as a leader in customer service, a healthy and successful company that has developed strong relationships with loyal customers.  We are committed to providing excellent services, creating diversity, upholding honesty, exhibiting integrity, as well as being innovative.

Our goal is to help all struggling families trying to make ends meet by soliciting, collecting, and packaging food for distribution through our Partner Agencies “Feeding South Florida”, Target, and Farm Share, that serve our target population groups.  We strive to become the first place people with disabilities turn to when seeking employment and assist employers with the best in finding qualified employees.

Among its numerous responsibilities, Here’s Help Workforce and Community Development Corporation manages all aspects of workforce development, including recruiting employees, job coaching, interviewing applicants, and conducting orientations for new hires.

Meanwhile, the risk management function often is directly responsible for managing employment related risks, particularly those that can affect operations.  Our training classes will not only lead to a healthy work environment, but it will also enhance productivity and lead to all round development of employees.

  • Here’s Help Workforce and Community Development Corporation is a partner agency that has collaborated with:
    Miami Dade County – Assisting women of domestic violence and human trafficking. We will provide assistance in helping these women with room and board, employment, clothing, food, personal hygiene products, motivational speaker on a weekly basis; to motivate them to change their lifestyle, as well as counseling sessions as needed.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation-Department of Education – educate, train, and place individuals with disabilities into competitive employment. This will set them on the path to successful job retention including support services which will equip the consumer to live independently and dignified.
  • CareVantage Medical Center – Providing families that cannot afford medical insurance my providing medical and dental care for their family
  • Urban Leagues – Senior Citizen
  • Catholic Hospice
  • Simply Health Care – Providing health insurance to senior citizens
  • Citrus Family Care Network
  • Feeding South Florida Food Bank, Target & Farm Share
  • CSL Plasma
  • Pollydore & Wright Foundation, Inc. – Providing Gun Violence Awareness & Grieving Counseling to community
  • Caring Hearts Recovery Home – Assisting women who are recovering from substance abuse.
  • And many more

These programs will teach and train on how to be competitive in a working environment. They will also learn how to dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner for their job interviews. Our organization will also have Motivational Seminars, in which we will have a speaker who will be a morale booster to communicate strategies that the company espouses and to make relevant points as clear as possible. The speaker will give powerful uplifting speeches to convey positive messages to the individuals.

We also provide Peer Mentoring Program for High School Students with Disabilities to help them learn how to self-advocate for the social and professional support needed to effectively transition into postsecondary training, education and employment.